AEW1 Academic Essay Writing

09:00 AM ~ 10:30 AM on Tuesdays & Thursdays

This learner-centered writing course prepares students for international English language tests (IELTS) and academic assignments. The students will investigate the reading and writing sections of the language test. During the course, they will develop the skills needed to meet those requirements. The students will also develop the skills required for preparing college-level essays and reports. Particular attention will be paid to the formal essay structure, standard citation systems such as APA or MLA based on student readiness and academic English use.

Academic Essay Writing Session Content

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3rd Quarter:

Session 01: 09/28/2023 Orientation & Taking About Academic Writing

Session 02: 10/03/2023 IELTS Preparation Workshop

Session 03: 10/05/2023 IELTS Listening Practice Test

Session 04: 10/10/2023 IELTS Reading Practice Test

Session 05: 10/12/2023 IELTS Writing Practice Test

Session 06: 10/17/2023 IELTS Writing Scores and Individual Research

Session 07: 10/19/2023 The APA Academic Essay -Gathering Basic Information and Causes of Your Research

Session 08: 10/24/2023 The APA Academic Essay -Gathering the Effects and Solutions of Your Research Issue

Session 09: 10/26/2023 The APA Academic Essay -More Note taking on the Solutions and/or Recommendations

Session 10: 10/31/2023 The APA Academic Essay -Synthesizing Your Research

Session 11: 11/02/2023 The APA Academic Essay -The First Draft

Session 12: 11/07/2023 The APA Academic Essay -The First Draft Revised

Session 13: 11/09/2023 The APA Academic Essay -The Second Draft

Session 14: 11/14/2023 The APA Academic Essay -The Third Draft

Session 15: 11/16/2023 The Fourth & Final Draft / Write & Improve Assessments

4th Quarter:

Session_01: 12/05/2023 Orientation & Talking About Academic Writing

Session_02: 12/07/2023 The MLA Academic Essay -Gathering Research

Session_03: 12/12/2023 The MLA Academic Essay -Research Questions

Session_04: 12/14/2023 The MLA Academic Essay -Refining Research

Session_05: 12/19/2023 The MLA Academic Essay – Summarizing Solutions and Conclusion

Session_06: 12/21/2023 The MLA Academic Essay -Synthesizing Research

Session_07: 01/09/2024 MLA Formatting -The Introduction

Session_08: 01/11/2024 MLA Formatting -The 1st Draft

Session_09: 01/16/2024 MLA Formatting -The 2nd Draft

Session_10: 01/18/2024 MLA Formatting -The 3rd Draft

Session_11: 01/23/2024 IELTS Preparation Workshop 1 & Final Draft

Session_12: 01/25/2024 IELTS Preparation Workshop 2

Session_13: 01/30/2024 IELTS Listening Practice Test

Session_14: 02/01/2024 IELTS Reading Practice Test

Session_15: 02/06/2024 IELTS Writing Practice Test

Session_16: By appointment on Zoom IELTS Speaking Practice Test & Reflections

Learning Objectives (Teaching Aim and Purposes)

Through this course students will:

1. Develop a better understanding of the structure and requirements of the language proficiency test.

2. Create organized paragraphs in short essays based on experiences and research.

3. Develop reading and writing fluency through intensive and extensive reading.

4. Develop their academic writing skills through essays, reports, and research papers.

5. Produce a short research paper of 800-1,000 words within a guided environment.

6. Analyze and synthesize relevant information from college-level readings and lectures, take a position on an issue, and argue it persuasively.

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