Class 13: Revising Your Observation Paper

Summary:  Each student who wrote their paper got feedback on how to improve your paper for your upcoming second draft and you also learned about writing your paper by viewing feedback of other students’ work.

Guidance steps for completing your second draft:

G = Put your paper through Grammarly: Free Online Writing Assistant
A = APA Style  -Owl Purdue
V = 
Veritus Certify!  -Leander Hughes
E = Explanations attached below to check and download




APA 7th Quick Guide

A Very Quick Guide APA to 7th

Homework: Your 2nd draft due on Tuesday, 11/14/2023 by 7 PM email (but earlier is better for you, right?).

1. Using your ideas from your notes on your readings and presentation, please write 2nd draft of your essay with an by using the GAVE system (noted above). It is good to keep in mind:

    A). The formatting guidelines provided in the class of the APA 7th Quick Guides attached above.

    B). the organization of an essay with topic sentences that support each paragraph based on what you learned in class today.

2. Please use the Instructions for APA Observation Paper and type your paper in that document to make the writing easy for you.

3. Use any extra references. I tried to give you a lot of feedback and editing to help you compile a fantastic paper. 

4. Please put your name on the attachment. 

5. An option to do Free Rice.

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