ACS1 Academic Communication Skills

This course develops your English university-level academic presentation and discussion skills required by international institutions. Specifically, your will research, develop a position on an academic topic on local or global issues through research, questions, synthesis, and supporting examples.

Not teaching this course this year

Project-Based Learning (PBL)

In this course you will carry out projects, individually, in pairs or small groups, into global issues and problems that interest you, and how they impact local communities and people you know.

Monday 4th Period

English Resource Center (ERC): In-Person or Online

The English Resource Center (ERC) at Saitama University is for you that supports your English. We are dedicated to hold a space not only to increase your English proficiency, but to make connections with your peers. We hope you will visit us and look forward to meeting you.

M & TH 3-5 PM, T & W 3-4 PM

Outreach Course

My High School Outreach Course.

High School Outreach Course