PBL Class 14: Surveys and Reflections for the Spring Semester

Summary: Everyone filled out the course survey and reflected on the class. Please have a wonderful summer. There are a few points I would like to inform you of:

PBL Class 13: Cycle 2 Blog Presentations for Group 2

Summary: We had eight lovely Cycle 2 blog discussions today. Homework Reminder: If you have not already, can you send me your Cycle 2 Blog Presentation final version via email attachment and not through OneDrive, because I do not have this account at Chuo. In addition, make sure you have posted blogs for each of the other students on their Cycle 1 blog posts. Some of you are finished, but many are not.

PBL Class 12: Blog Discussion Day 1

Summary: We had eight lovely Cycle 2 blog discussions today. Please consider this Learner Development 30th Anniversary Conference for students at Gakushuin University. Why not present on your blog? I would like to remind everyone that you need an introduction, conclusion, references, and in-text citations on each slide so you can say where you got your work from. Also, I emailed your presentation back to you with corrections and feedback, so check your Chuo Gmail inboxes. Please do not use your old draft PowerPoints while discussing. Please download my attachment with feedback because… Read More