ESP1a The L2 Motivational Self System

Through readings and viewings, note-taking, reflective activities, and in-class discussions, you can analyze your motivation by learning more about your language learning experience, your ought-to self, and ideal self. Then, you can find many convenient ways to become more motivated while learning at university. This class is useful not only for English, but for any subject you learn with more confidence.

Monday & Wednesday 1st

AEW1 Academic Essay Writing

You get to focus on researching and writing about current social, scientific, and global issues in English of your choice by taking notes and revising drafts for APA or MLA formatted research paper followed at international universities. Attention to IELTS test preparation will also be provided.

Tuesday & Thursday 1st

Creative Work Environments

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The Value Of A Good Leader

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Growing The Team

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Tools Of The Trade

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Sparking Creativity

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Sharing Our Ideas

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Going Back To Our Roots

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