PBL_Class 02: Focus on communities/regions within Japan

Summary: Homework Due on 10/6/2023 at 3 PM, My Global Issue in Japan: Note: Each homework assignment should be one to two pages, and please include a word count. Try to be as specific as possible with the issue Class 02: Project Notes 2: Focus on communities/regions within Japan for Cycle 2 Three parts: Instructions for APA (MLA formatting will be provided in Cycle 4) A Very Quick Guide APA 7th APA 7th Edition Quick Guide Some Free Database Engines off to collect research for your Cycle 3 research in Japan (Especially Zenbird):  Carrot… Read More

PBL_Class 01: Review the spring semester and develop goals for the fall semester. Choose global issues that affect/involve Japan for Cycle 3

Welcome back to class! Cycle 3 In an Opinion Piece on a global issue the writer expresses their own view and thoughts on a specific global issue, taking a strong position and looking at the issue from both local and international perspectives. Often the writer includes their key argument – or thesis – in the headline for the Opinion Piece and/or near the start of the text. A well-chosen image can also help to reinforce the central argument that the writer aims to make. グローバルな問題に関する意見書では、書き手は特定のグローバルな問題についての自身の見解と考えを表明し、確固とした立場をとり、そして地域的および国際的な観点から問題を考察します。多くの場合、書き手は彼らの重要な議論(あるいは論文)を意見書の見出しで、そして/または、テキストの始めの方に含めます。適切に選択されたイメージは、書き手が言おうとしている中心的な主張を強めるのにも役立ちます。 Homework for Class 01 that is due… Read More

PBL Class 14: Surveys and Reflections for the Spring Semester

Summary: Everyone filled out the course survey and reflected on the class. Please have a wonderful summer. There are a few points I would like to inform you of:

PBL Class 13: Cycle 2 Blog Presentations for Group 2

Summary: We had eight lovely Cycle 2 blog discussions today. Homework Reminder: If you have not already, can you send me your Cycle 2 Blog Presentation final version via email attachment and not through OneDrive, because I do not have this account at Chuo. In addition, make sure you have posted blogs for each of the other students on their Cycle 1 blog posts. Some of you are finished, but many are not.

PBL Class 12: Blog Discussion Day 1

Summary: We had eight lovely Cycle 2 blog discussions today. Please consider this Learner Development 30th Anniversary Conference for students at Gakushuin University. Why not present on your blog? I would like to remind everyone that you need an introduction, conclusion, references, and in-text citations on each slide so you can say where you got your work from. Also, I emailed your presentation back to you with corrections and feedback, so check your Chuo Gmail inboxes. Please do not use your old draft PowerPoints while discussing. Please download my attachment with feedback because… Read More

PBL Class 11: Cycle 2 Blog Slideshow Practice for Group 1

Summary: Group 1 practiced their presentation of their blog published in Cycle 1 to students who are in Group 2. Group 1’s Blogs will be presented on 07/03/2023 and Group 2 will present their Blogs on 07/10/2023. In Class 11 and Class 12, each group will have time to get advice and reflections from classmates. Finally, you reflected on Journaling for Class 10 in your Google Doc.  Summary: Guidelines for your Presentation in addition to the information in the presentation of your issue document. 1. Your talk should be about 7-8 minutes… Read More

PBL Class 10: Cycle 2 Presenting your Blog

Summary: You either gave feedback to others on their blogs, revised and published your own blog, or are behind and are still making your blog because of errors or missing parts. Then, we discussed ways to prepare for your presentation on July 3 or July 10. I decided this format instead of a group project for Cycle 2 because many of you worked hard on collecting your blog images, but they could not be displayed on Padlet (only one photo). Therefore, a slideshow will help others view your blog and you’ve already got… Read More

PBL Class 09: Your Academic Blog Going Live: An Easier Platform

Summary: Relief for all of us! Let’s fire (not use) Blogspot and use Padlet for your academic blog. Many students cannot, will not, or do not understand how to use the first Blogspot Blogger. Therefore, please sign up yourself for: Padlet The homework listed in seven steps above is due on Friday, June 16th at 3 PM. Note: For your final assignment you will present on your blog in groups in one of the formats suggested in the PBL Chuo Law website. The format is yet to be determined based on your… Read More

PBL Class 07 & 08: Finalize Your Research Narrative Blogs

May 2023 Kyoto -Okochi Sanso Garden

PBL Class 06: Outline and First Draft of the Research Narrative: Students Give Feedback to Each Other

May 14, 2023 Arashiyama Bamboo Forest