Class 16: 06/10/2021 Innovation Presentation Day 2 (No Presentation Day 2 for 2022)

Summary:  There were three innovative observation presentations based on your reports. The first presentation was the results of a Google forms survey of friends’ activities they have done before and during the Pandemic, how social interaction is important during isolation and depressive states due to COVID-19. The second presentation also involved observing friends’ smartphone screen-time use, addiction, and ways to reduce screen-time through self-control. Finally, the third presentation observed the risks of taking crowded trains during COVID-19 and how telecommuting, staggered train travel at off-peak hours, the JR points system for traveling… Read More

Workshop_01: The MLA Academic Essay -Gathering Research

MLA Style Center Summary:  I introduced the new research homework, but I could not explain the Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting. I will soon; a lot is going on right now. Let’s enjoy a new research topic. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” -Ana├»s Nin Homework is due on 06/16/2022 uploading in Workshop_02 before class via taking photos of your notes and insert the photos in the ‘Workshop_02’ section Google document provided in your Google MLA share file. Simple is best, and apologies for the confusion. Instructions… Read More

Class 07: Creativity & Asking Good Questions

Summary: Before the Golden Week holiday, we spoke about how observation leads to innovation, especially working together in teams rather than working alone. I also showed some samples of the observation projects that other students have done in previous years. Questions help us reflect as we observe creativity and innovation ideas and possibilities. You discussed both readings in breakout rooms. Finally, you reflected on your upcoming projects.  Homework due on Tuesday 05/10/2022 at 4 pm: 1. Please talk 3 or 4 pages of notes on these TED TALKS on Observation and attach the… Read More

Workshop 11: APA Formatting -The 1st Draft

Summary: We worked on specific academic writing issues related to your synthesized notes to help you write your first draft. The students that took AEW1 or AEW2a that wrote APA formatted essays and are familiar with the writing process spoke with their pairs in a discussion format and shared their research. Students completely new to academic writing in English got more instructions and support. Do WAVE for your first essay before emailing your first draft! W = Put your paper through Draft 1 APA Essay Write & Improve A = APA Style -Owl Purdue V = Veritus Certify!… Read More