Class 07: Creativity & Asking Good Questions

Summary: Before the Golden Week holiday, we spoke about how observation leads to innovation, especially working together in teams rather than working alone. I also showed some samples of the observation projects that other students have done in previous years. Questions help us reflect as we observe creativity and innovation ideas and possibilities. You discussed both readings in breakout rooms. Finally, you reflected on your upcoming projects. 

Homework due on Tuesday 05/10/2022 at 4 pm:

1. Please talk 3 or 4 pages of notes on these TED TALKS on Observation and attach the photos to the Word document below. Then, add two brief entries to your note-taking matrix (NTM) on both videos that might be good for your Observation midterm report:

Harper, C. (2014, February 13). The power of observation [Video]. Youtube. 

Brown, D. (2014, March 19). The positive power of motivation [Video]. Youtube. 

Article and Video on Note-taking: Skills and Strategies: Doodling, Sketching and ‘Mind Mapping’ as Learning Tools -By K. Schulten & S. Gross

2. An option to continue your Free Rice Programme. Please get 2,000 correct answers by the end of the term. Please let me know what your registered name is so you can get credit if you have not already. You do not have to complete your correct answers every week, and the homework is at your pace, but just this time.

Free Rice: The World Food Programme of the United Nations!
We can fight climate change, feed hungry children and families for free while learning English too!

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