Class 06 Attitudes to Learning English & The Language Learning Experience

Summary: First, you discussed some ought-to self questions. Then, trying to not get too technical, I gave support about the content of the replication study that you read for homework, then as best you can, you discussed the results of the study and how the outcomes were the same or slightly different. In the next class, you will discuss your future and ideal self section of the L2 motivational self system question generator.

For Class 07:

English Future (Ideal L2 Self)

  1. What would you like to do with your English after this course?
  2. What are your learning goals? For each of the goals, what are some specific, practical actions you can take to get closer to this goal?
  3. How do you see your English self in the future? What do you look and feel like then?
  4. What hopes do you have for learning English in the future?
  5. If you see yourself using English in your future job after graduation?
  6. How do you see yourself using English for your future Employment? What would that look like and what would you look and feel like?
  7. As you becoming older, how do you see, if at all, the role English will play in your family life?
  8. As you becoming older, how do you see, if at all, the role English will play in your life with friends?
  9. As you becoming older, how do you see, if at all, the role English will play at your occupation (this can be working from home or being a graduate student as well)?

We also spoke about self-efficacy about the ought-to self and how confidence is essential to overcome adverse outcomes. Also, we discussed your language learning experiences in secondary school. Finally, we did class reflections and spoke about the upcoming homework.

All Homework for Class 05 and 06 is due on 10/23/2022 5 PM.

  1. Please finish and upload your note-taking of Hughes, Vye, & Ray (2020).

2. Please chose two written articles or videos that complement your research for your L2 motivational self system report that will also be useful for your final presentation. You will write about your own L2 self system based on the question generate homework we will do for Class 10, and use all the notes you have taken to save time. And three sets of notes if you could not do the homework on Class 07:

Here is a lovely article that could be interesting for you, which is a study you learned about in Class 03 about Kay Irie Sensei’s interview video.  


Aubrey, S. (2014). Development of the L2 motivational self system: English at a

University in Japan, JALT Journal 36(2), 153-174.

Irie, K., & Brewster, D. (2013). One curriculum, three stories: Ideal L2 self and L2-self-

discrepancy profiles. In M. T. Apple, D. Da Silva, & T. Fellner (Eds.), Language learning

motivation in Japan (pp. 110-128). Multilingual Matters.

Kaneko, N., & Yanagihara, R. (2017). Ideal L2 self in EFL and ESP. Hijiyama University

Bulletin, 24, 37-44.

Ueki, M., & Takeuchi, O. (2013). Forming a clearer image of the ideal L2 self: the L2

motivational self system and learner autonomy in a Japanese EFL context. 

Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching7(3), 238-252. 

Pranpunta, S. (2016). EFL learners’ stories: Ideal L2 self and their learning experiences.

In P. Clements, A. Krause, & H. Brown (Eds.), Focus on the learner. Tokyo: JALT.


Josh ESL. (2016, July 04). Motivation and goals for language learning: Motivation in EFL

language motivation: L2 Self [Video]. Youtube.

Josh ESL: Motivation and L2 Self

Pink. D. (2010). The surprising truth about motivation [Video file].

In other words, please choose two readings/viewing (in total) that match your L2 self system story. Therefore, if you find material that does not match well, stop reading or watching and find something that is interesting to you. I will also add more ideas for you.

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