Class 08 The Ought-to Self & The Ideal Self

Summary: First, we discussed the variety of self-selected readings or viewings you can take notes on for homework. Studying one instead of two materials per class is fine. Second, in pairs you chatted about university activities and the viewing you took notes on. Third, also in pair breakout rooms you used the L2 motivational self system question generator to communicate what you wanted to say about your language learning past and present. Fourth and finally, you took notes about answering these questions in the Google doc the you can include for your midterm report.


Homework due on Sunday at 4 PM:

  1. Please chose two written articles or videos that complement your research for your L2 motivational self system report that will also be useful for your final presentation. You will write about your own L2 self system based on the question generate homework we will do for Class 10, and use all the notes you have taken to save time. And three sets of notes if you could not do the homework on Class 07:

Optional Readings (You can chose other motivation as you like):

Aubrey, S. (2014). Development of the L2 motivational self system: English at a University in Japan, JALT Journal 36(2), 153-174.

Kaneko, N., & Yanagihara, R. (2017). Ideal L2 self in EFL and ESP. Hijiyama University Bulletin, 24, 37-44.

Ueki, M., & Takeuchi, O. (2013). Forming a clearer image of the ideal L2 self: the L2 motivational self system and learner autonomy in a Japanese EFL context. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching7(3), 238-252. 

Optional Viewings:

Josh ESL. (2016, July 04). Motivation and goals for language learning: Motivation in EFL language motivation: L2 Self [Video]. Youtube.

Josh ESL: Motivation and L2 Self

Pink. D. (2010). The surprising truth about motivation [Video]. YouTube.

Deci, R. (n.d.). Promoting motivation, health, and excellence [Video]. YouTube TEDx Talks.

In other words, please choose two readings/viewing (in total) that match your L2 self system story. Therefore, if you find material that does not match well, stop reading or watching and find something that is interesting to you. I will also add more ideas for you.

2. Your Free Rice Learning Program

Please make an account to our ESP1a English Motivation 2023 with our class code I provided in the Zoom chat if you have not already. Several students and myself are playing already. You can make an avatar name if you wish, but please let me know your game name. For your English motivation, you can choose any of the English categories and study as you like. Your goal is to get 2,000 correct answers before the last class at your pace, but do practice sometime every week. This is 20% of the class grade, but you can chose the subjects you wish and feed children around the world in hunger for free sponsored by the United Nations and the World Food Programme.

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