ICR Class 6: Cycle 1 sharing news stories & graded reader 3: developing your ways of making notes

Summary: After speaking about your exciting weekend activities, you got to share your out-of-class listing with others at the tables. We also explored different ways of presenting for super book talk. Finally, you wrote reflections in your Google Doc. to think about your English learning progress. The questions are:

1. How did you participate in class today? Please describe as best you can.

2. What did you learn about your issue? You speaking pairs issues? 

3. What are your next SMART (simple, manageable, attainable, reasonable, timely) learning goals? 

Your Super Book Talk Presentation Homework:

1. Choose the best graded reader that you have already taken notes on to make your Super Book Talk presentation. 

2. Review the Super Book Talk Guidelines for Success:

-Fulfill or do the Super Book Talk task
-Use some sentence variety with some challenging vocabulary
-Make effective use of relevant and accurate details from the book read
-Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the book read
-Make inferences from the book and have a clear focus
-Easy to listen to with a sense of voice

3. Digital sharing is best like PowerPoint or Google Slides. 

4. Please email me with your attachment or put your file in our shared Google file and I will be notified. 

5. There are many students, and I would like to check and help with your English, so could you send me your file by Friday, May 18th at 2 PM, so I can check it?

6. There are some examples of Super Book Talk presentations from Chuo Law University students.

7. Please do not copy/paste the words from the book. It is better to summarize as best you can in your own words. However is there are some really cool phrases or sentences from the book you would like to share, please use “quotation marks.”

8. The title of the book and the author’s name needs to be included, and your name.

9. Usually, each Super Book talk should be about five to seven minutes with time for questions and answers from the audience. 

10. Also could you remember to make a thank you and question and answer page at the end. 

Sample Super Book Talk Slide Shows:

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