ICR Class 7: Cycle 1 sharing news stories & graded reader 4: Super Book Talk Presentations

Summary: You got to share your Super Book Talk Presentation classmates’ Super Book Talk and ask insightful questions. Finally, you wrote reflections in your Google Doc. to think about your English learning progress. The questions are:

1. How did you participate in class today? Please describe as best you can.

2. What did you learn about your issue? You speaking pairs issues? 

3. What are your next SMART (simple, manageable, attainable, reasonable, timely) learning goals? 

Homework due uploaded to your Google Drive Shared file on Friday, 06/02/2023 at 2 PM: Please upload the pictures of your notes in your Shared Google file under the section “第 7回 Cycle 1 Small-Group Presentations– Super Book Talk.

In the Spring Semester, you do out-of-class listening (10 times about two pages each time) and read and talk about a minimum of 8 graded readers from the Chuo Library’s Maruzen eBook Library of graded readers. Please see the links and instructions below. The main thing is to do some homework every class. You can do little by little at your pace, so please enjoy the freedom of choosing your listening and reading content.

You note-take on paper and feel free to use charts, diagrams, and colors as you like. Then, can you take pictures of them and put them in your shared drive file with me? 

On each homework note-taking, please write if it is a “Listening” or “Graded Reader” and write your name on it and the number like Listening 1 or Graded Reader 

See Class 06 for Graded Reader Sample Note Attachments. 

Graded Readers in The Maruzen eBook Library “6 Spring Semester: Downloading and reading e-books” in the link below is very important to follow. Please download your book quickly and save it because We can download only one book at Chuo University at one time:).

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