ICR Class 14: Reflection, class survey, and review of the semester

Summary: Everyone did the Faculty Survey in Manaba at the top of “My Page” under 大学からの課題・アンケート / Specific Assignments/ Surveys, and you also wrote your 3 question self-reflections on your own so we can take a special trip on this Tama Monorail!

For Online English Practice Resources for this Summer!

Freerice:  is an amazing learning app of many subjects and languages that you can learn from and grow. The more correct answers you get, you can feed children in need faster, and make groups with your friends to get high scores. The educational tutorial about being safe during COVID-19 is informative. And the English vocabulary sections have so many levels that you can challenge. Thank you, United Nations and the World Food Programme

Rachel’s English: This website is an excellent fluency resource bank for learners of English and their teachers. There are over 500 free videos available on English pronunciation and spoken English. Rachel’s videos, t have received over 70 million views, and way over 1 million subscribers are particularly useful because she not only explains the pronunciation and and supportive position of your mouth to speak well, she also shows the phonetic spelling and that help improve listening comprehension. She has helped me teach English US pronunciation and provides courses on at Rachel’s Academy. Rachel also seems to love learning other languages, which adds to her immense knowledge as a teacher and a learner too. She can help you immediately.

I hope you have a wonderful summer break!

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