PBL Class 11: Cycle 2 Blog Slideshow Practice for Group 1

Summary: Group 1 practiced their presentation of their blog published in Cycle 1 to students who are in Group 2. Group 1’s Blogs will be presented on 07/03/2023 and Group 2 will present their Blogs on 07/10/2023. In Class 11 and Class 12, each group will have time to get advice and reflections from classmates. Finally, you reflected on Journaling for Class 10 in your Google Doc.  Summary: Guidelines for your Presentation in addition to the information in the presentation of your issue document. 1. Your talk should be about 7-8 minutes… Read More

PBL Class 10: Cycle 2 Presenting your Blog

Summary:¬†You either gave feedback to others on their blogs, revised and published your own blog, or are behind and are still making your blog because of errors or missing parts. Then, we discussed ways to prepare for your presentation on July 3 or July 10. I decided this format instead of a group project for Cycle 2 because many of you worked hard on collecting your blog images, but they could not be displayed on Padlet (only one photo). Therefore, a slideshow will help others view your blog and you’ve already got… Read More

PBL Class 09: Your Academic Blog Going Live: An Easier Platform

Summary: Relief for all of us! Let’s fire (not use) Blogspot and use Padlet for your academic blog. Many students cannot, will not, or do not understand how to use the first Blogspot Blogger. Therefore, please sign up yourself for: Padlet The homework listed in seven steps above is due on Friday, June 16th at 3 PM. Note: For your final assignment you will present on your blog in groups in one of the formats suggested in the PBL Chuo Law website. The format is yet to be determined based on your… Read More