PBL Class 09: Your Academic Blog Going Live: An Easier Platform

Summary: Relief for all of us! Let’s fire (not use) Blogspot and use Padlet for your academic blog. Many students cannot, will not, or do not understand how to use the first Blogspot Blogger. Therefore, please sign up yourself for:


  1. Register your name with your preferred email with our class code sent to you by Manaba on padlet.
  2. Please looks at PBL Class 07 & Class 08 for advice on useful guidance in red and blue font.
  3. Please post your blog from your Google Doc after Stacey writes, “Ready to Blog” on it. In the Academic blog section, you can click the ‘+’ plus mark to enter your blog. Make sure to use a photo, clipart, or GIF and add your title. You can also choose a color for your blog post by clicking the color icon.
  4. After you post, please read your classmates’ blogs. Then, reflect on what information you have received and learned.
  5. Following step two, please comment on at least three of your classmates’ blog posts. More posts are okay, but please check your spelling and grammar before you post. Feel free to ‘like’ or ‘react’ to your classmates’ posts. 
  6. As much as you can, review your blog post and react to your classmates’ comments, and also, feel free to ‘like’ anyone’s blog posts. 
  7. Be nice to each other. It is very challenging to share your work with others in another language. However, hopefully, this blog practice will help your career in the future, so just be kind and do your best. Nothing is perfect and your ideas are the most important. 

The homework listed in seven steps above is due on Friday, June 16th at 3 PM.

Note: For your final assignment you will present on your blog in groups in one of the formats suggested in the PBL Chuo Law website. The format is yet to be determined based on your progress. Many students are behind, so I will do my best to find the best solution.

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