PBL Class 10: Cycle 2 Presenting your Blog

Summary: You either gave feedback to others on their blogs, revised and published your own blog, or are behind and are still making your blog because of errors or missing parts. Then, we discussed ways to prepare for your presentation on July 3 or July 10. I decided this format instead of a group project for Cycle 2 because many of you worked hard on collecting your blog images, but they could not be displayed on Padlet (only one photo). Therefore, a slideshow will help others view your blog and you’ve already got a blog script for your talk.

Finally, you reflected on Journaling for Class 10 in your Google Doc. 

Summary: Guidelines for your Presentation in addition to the information in the presentation of your issue document.

1. Your talk should be about 7-8 minutes and then 2-3 minutes for questions, comments, and answers.

2. There are usually 12 to 16 slides.

3. You’ll have a Reference page to show where you got your work from. Please include the author’s name, date published, the organization or publisher, and the URL link.

4. In the slideshow, please write and say where you got the information from in the form of in-text citations such as (Miller, 2020, para. 3). You can also do narrative in-text citations such as Suzuki (2020, p. 5) suggested that… If you use the author’s exact words, you need to use “quotation marks,” but you do not need quotes if you summarize in the keywords. 

5. Here are two free websites where you can download free and beautiful images and pictures:


Creative Commons

6. Samples of Chuo Students’ IRD PowerPoint Presentations


Homework due on Monday, 06/26/2023 (for July 3rd blog presentations) or 07/03/2023 by 12 PM blog slideshow to to my Chuo Gmail via attachment and not in your Google Document due to formatting. Please look for the email I will send you with feedback on your presentation. Please use the show that I will send back to you.

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