Class 03: Things That Block Creativity

Summary: We reviewed the Sawyer (2012) article and mainly had active conversations about the myths and grains of truth associated with creativity. I also gave a mini-lecture about Sawyer (2012) and other creativity researcher’s concepts in a PowerPoint slideshow. We then enjoyed the video below with reference to introducing us to things that block our creativity and how to build creative confidence. It is useful to remember to click the CC button on Youtube in the lower right-hand part of the screen to read the closed caption script in English to guide you along.

Delightful Things, O. S. (2019, September 16). 10 easy ways to build your creative confidence [Video]. Youtube.

Homework due on Tuesday, April 19th by 4 PM uploaded on the Google Doc sending to you soon. Please watch the video, read the tape script in English to help you, and then take 2 to 3 pages of notes in keywords only on this TED Talk Video by David Kelly:

Kelley, D. (2012, March). How to build your creative confidence [Video]. TED Conference.

These notes will help you in your class discussions in class 04.

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