ESP2a Creativity & Innovation

Mondays & Wednesdays 9:00-10:30

Through a wide range of reading assignments, asking questions, note-taking, observations, and in-class discussions, the students will analyze creativity that leads to innovation in economics, education, liberal arts, and science. This class is useful not only for learning English, but for anything you need to solve or resolve a problem by thinking creatively and strategically towards innovation in your lives.

Creativity & Innovation Class Content

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“Timidity, anxiety, and fear always get in the way of creativity. Many creative people seem to others to be arrogant or to have big egos, because they have immense self-confidence that allows them to take risks. Once you have a few successes, you’ll be more confident. But at first, you’ll help yourself get started if you seek out an environment that is supportive of creating thinking.”

~Sawyer, R. (2012, p. 424). Explaining creativity: The science of human innovation. London: Oxford University Press.

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