Workshop 01: Orientation & Talking About Academic Writing

Summary: There was an orientation to the course explaining the documents below, including what is expected of you in our classes and your homework, how you can do well, and how you can improve your English writing skills the most in this course. 

How will your grade be calculated? 

APA Academic Essay (20%)

Homework (30%) 

APA Academic Presentation (20%)

Class Participation (10%)

Cambridge English Write & Improve (10% & 10% Online Participation)

Total Score = 100%

Part One due on the day of the lottery via email attachment:

First, please email me your Academic Writing Survey in the Word document by marking your answers in each row about how familiar you are with academic essay writing vocabulary if absent. The work has been done in class for those who joined Class 01. Any answer is okay, and we will check our understanding of the key terms in Workshop 02. 

Part Two due at 7 PM on 10/02/2023, which is logging in and using the Cambridge English Write & Improve Website:

Second, please complete the essay after setting up your online account with a class code that will be emailed to you based on your email address. Please find the signup code in your email and check also your spam box. In this first class, I demonstrated how to complete the assignment, so for any absent students, please contact me.

It is essential to review your score and notice your mistakes to improve your draft after Write & Improve submissions. Please complete the essay:

Writing Academic English at Saitama University: The reasons you taking this Academic Essay Writing (AEW2) course

Please use these question prompts to help you with a 200-250 word essay:

  1. What is puzzling for you about academic essay writing (i.e., what questions do you have about academic writing)? 
  2. Which specific writing concepts/skills do you most want to develop in this quarter? Why? How? Please explain in detail, giving clear reasons. 

Please review the guidance of Write & Improve, and revise the essay again and again as many times you like.

You can find the Essay in Write & Improve in this section that is on webpage 8:

Files to Download:

AEW2a Short Syllabus

 AEW2 Pre-workshop checklist for Zoom if we need it!  

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