AEW2 Academic Essay Writing

10:40 AM ~ 12:10 PM on Tuesdays & Thursdays

In Academic Essay Writing 2, students will focus on researching and writing about current social, scientific, and global issues in English by revising drafts that lead to a substantial research paper, which will help you with essay writing for studying abroad. This class is excellent for students who want to work hard and writing English. It is not suitable for students who want an easy credit or copy/paste (plagiarizing) of other writers’ works. However, the teacher prepares you to write well.

Academic Essay Writing 2 Writing Workshop Class Content
Please click on the workshop class date for the Summary & Homework

Workshop_01: 12/05/2023 Orientation & The MLA Academic Essay -Research Questions

Workshop_02: 12/07/2023 The MLA Academic Essay -Gathering Research/Basic Information

Workshop_03: 12/12/2023 The MLA Academic Essay -Refining Research/More Specifics

Workshop_04: 12/14/2023 The MLA Academic Essay -Causes & Effects

Workshop_05: 12/19/2023 The MLA Academic Essay -Finalizing the Gathering of Your Research: Solutions

Workshop_06: 12/21/2023 The MLA Academic Essay -Synthesizing Research/Structure Map

Workshop_07: 01/09/2024 MLA -The Introduction

Workshop_08: 01/11/2024 MLA -The First Draft

Workshop_09: 01/16/2024 MLA -The Second Draft

Workshop_10: 01/18/2024 MLA -The Third Draft

Workshop_11: 01/23/2024 MLA -The Final Draft

Workshop_12: 01/25/2024 -The MLA Presentation Orientation

Workshop_13: 01/30/2024 -The MLA Presentation Design

Workshop_14: 02/01/2024 -The MLA Essay Presentation Day

Workshop_15: 02/06/2024 -The MLA Presentation Day 2 if needed

Third Quarter 2023

Workshop 01: 09/28/2023 Orientation & Talking About Academic

Workshop 02: 10/03/2023 The APA Academic Essay -Gathering Research

Workshop 03: 10/05/2023 The APA Academic Essay -Research Questions

Workshop 04: 10/10/2023 The APA Academic Essay -Refining Research

Workshop 05: 10/12/2023 The Academic Essay – Researching Effects or Solutions

Workshop 06: 10/17/2023 The APA Academic Essay -Synthesizing Research

Workshop 07: 10/19/2023 APA Formatting -The First Draft

Workshop 08: 10/24/2023 APA Formatting -The First Draft Revised

Workshop 09: 10/26/2023 APA Formatting -The Second Draft

Workshop 10: 10/31/2023 APA Formatting -The Third Draft

Workshop 11: 11/02/2023 APA Formatting -The Third Draft

Workshop 12: 11/07/2023 APA Formatting -The Final Draft

Workshop 13: 11/09/2023 – APA Essay Presentation Design

Workshop 14: 11/14/2023 APA Essay Presentation Communication Strategies

Workshop 15: 11/16/2023 -APA Essay Presentation Day

Workshop 16: 11/21/2023 -APA Essay Presentation Day 2 if needed

Use Write & Improve to Practice Writing with Rebecca

“Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers.” -Ray Bradbury

Learning Objectives (Teaching Aim and Purposes)

Through this course students will:

1. Further develop reading and writing fluency through intensive and extensive reading.

2. Improve their academic writing skills through essays, reports, and research papers.

3. Analyze and synthesize relevant information from college-level readings and lectures as well as take a position on an issue and argue it persuasively.

4. Produce a research paper of at least 1,200 words using authoritative sources following one of the accepted standard citation systems; APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.