Class_01: Orientation & Introduction to Self-directed Learning

Summary: We had an orientation about how to be successful and get the most out of this course to support your university studies and learning. To understand more about self-directed learning, we viewed and studied Peter Gray’s youtube video below:

Gray, P. (2015). Self-directed learning. [Video file]. Retrieved from


ESP2b Self-Directed Learning Syllabus

Homework due Wednesday on 06/15/2022 before class and bring your computer and pictures of you notes to upload in your Google Document in class: 

Please read and take about two pages of notes on the video in keywords of:

Gray, P. (2015). Self-directed learning. [Video]. YouTube.

Please take pictures on your cell phone of your notes, and put your pictures in your personal Google Document under ESP2b Class 01 Gray (2015) Google Document ready for class on Wednesday.

The two points below will help you take good notes. You will need to email me first, so I can share the document.

  1. Please take pictures of your notes in keywords or quotation-marked material of a sentence spoken or written precisely and place them in this document of the entire article. Try to summarize in your own words as much as possible.
  2. To track your learning and make your midterm report and final presentation much more manageable, please write the time of the video or the page and paragraph number next to your notes.  

Useful Samples of Gray (2015) Video Note-Taking: It is useful to also write the timestamp so you can remember where you got your work from.

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