Class_07: Individual SDL Research

: We discussed the articles, and you began to research your topics for your self-directed learning report. The key is to write about something interesting to you!

Attachment: Self-directed Learning References

Homework due before class on 07/05/2021:

1. You need time to work on the start of your paper slowly, so please categorize your research notes of the reading and viewing of the homework from classes 01-06. These notes will help you write your definition of self-directed learning for the definition section in your midterm paper. Please download ESP2 Self Directed Learning Step by Step and type your homework directly in the document. The directions are in the document, and we spoke about it in class with examples. You can review the video and your notes to type the main idea and your reflections. 

2. Complete your three-question reflection in your Google Doc share file.

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