Class_06: Setting Goals

Summary:  You discussed Angela Duckworth’s TED Talk homework about Grit, and I answered any questions you had about it. Then, we spoke about setting goals during COVID19 based on Angela Duckworth’s Interview with Katy Milkman:

Duckworth, A. & Milkman, K. (2020). Wharton’s coronavirus course: Professors Angela

Duckworth and Katy Milkman interview [Video]. Arts and Sciences: University of


       The ABCs of a Growth Mindset Self-Talk: Ideas to Think about for Your Report

Here’s the OWL APA link:

OWL Purdue APA Writing Style Guide

Attachment: Self-directed Learning References.docx.

Homework due on 12/27/2023 in your Google Doc:

1. Complete your three-question reflection in your Google Doc share file.

2. Please chose two written articles that will complement your research for your self-direction report for this course that will also be useful for your final presentation. Then, read your research and take 3 to 4 pages of notes in keywords as much as possible. 

Here are four reading options, if you cannot find your own, but others the best if you can!

Alternatives to School. (2017). Benefits of self-directed learning. Alternatives to School.    

Association for Psychological Science. (2012, October 4). What makes self-directed

learning effective? ScienceDaily.  

Duckworth, A. (2016). Grit: The power and passion and perseverance. Scribner.

Chapter 4: How gritty are you or Chapter 9 Hope. [Sent to you via Risyu with


3. Here is the search engine Carrot for self-directed learning. You can read other articles for your paper and presentation. This means you do not have to read the articles in homework instructions ‘2.’

Here are some excellent self-directed learning midterm reports and their corresponding final presentations to help you think about what aspect of self-directed learning you would like to write and present.

Example A:

LifeLong Learning & Growth Mindsets Midterm Paper

Life-Long Learning & Growth Mindsets Final Presentation

Example B:

COVID-19 & Self=Directed Learning Midterm Paper

COVID-19 & Self-Directed Learning Final Presentation

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