Class 05 The Ought-to Self & Attitudes to Learning English

Summary: Some students were absent and time was limited in Class 04 so we reviewed the mini-ought-to self assessment statements and you ranked how much influence your out-to self is. If the outside influences were positive and motivating for you, this is promotional instrumentality. However, if the outside influences stress you out, you may have more preventional instrumentality. Both change over time.

Then, I explained the poster, that is a visual representation of your homework to get a greater sense of the L2 motivational self system replication study in Japan.

Ought-to self questions to answer in your Google Doc:

What do other people expect you to learn English? Why is that?

What do you feel about these expectations? Why?

Note: This poster is a summary of the homework journal article to help visualize the reading.

Homework due on 10/18/2022 at 5 PM:

1. Please read and take notes on pages 12-24 of the article. We will read this study in the link below, which is the same as the poster slowly over two classes, and this study is about University students’ motivation. Please take pictures of your notes and put them in the Class 06 Word document and send the attachment. You do not have to understand everything, and ask me questions anytime you have them. 

Hughes, L. S., Vye, S., & Ray, D. (2020) The L2 motivational self system: A replication study. JALT Journal, 42(1), 5-28. 

Note-Taking Sample:

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