Class 06 -Exploring Intra- and Intercultural Communications

Summary: Remember with culture, you are your intra-personal cultural island and have a lot to inform our class! I am learning so much from you, too, from the perspective of my island. Then we focused on all things “intra,” or how our communication with ourselves influences our communication with others:

Then, after reading the Macmillian Publishers Cultural Awareness Worksheet A you discussed the readings with these question prompts:

►  Do you think that cultural awareness is an important part of personal growth?

►  What are your own experiences of working or living alongside people from different cultures?

►  How can cultural awareness help us in business / foreign relations / diplomacy / etc. 

Homework for Class 06: Please choose one video or reading that is the most interesting to you to view with the closed captions (CC) to read, and then reflect and analyze what you observed and complete the 4-Cs worksheet attached below. The four Cs are concepts, challenges, connections, and changes. If you prefer to read, there are also reading options too!

Please email the homework by 07/02/2023 by 4PM.

An APA Quick Guide

Note: Please experiment and chose the option you like best. If the option you selected does not work for you, please try another or search for your cultural viewing. If you choose your original homework, please email me.

Then, I can share your fantastic cultural homework with the group. 
If you would like to discuss the same video, please arrange this with your classmate, and watch the same video or do the same reading. That’s okay too, and fun!

Reading Option 1:

Australian Government. (2020). Supporting cultural diversity. Be you.

Reading Option 2:

McClay, R. (2017). Four cornerstones of successful cross-cultural understanding. Training IndustryMind The Gap, 50-51.

Reading Option 3:

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). (2011). Cross-cultural understanding. Background Briefs.

Video Option 1: Lera Boroditsky examines how language shapes our intra- and intercultural communication and how we think about the world. 

Boroditsky, L. (2018, May 2). How language shapes the way we think [Video]. YouTube. TED Presentations.

Video Option 2: Amy Cuddy describes body language can influence our cultural communication effectiveness. 

Cuddy, A. (2021, October 2). Your body language may shape who you are [Video]. YouTube. TED Presentations.

Video Option 3: Ike Nwala explains how he became a TV star in Japan. He also explains the “gaijin seat” on the train and how he being black is akin to being a rare Pokemon.

Vice News. (2018). Ike Nwala is a black comedian who has become Japan’s most unlikely star [Video]. YouTube. HBO.


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