Class 07 -Diversity as an Asset for Creativity

Summary: First, we discussed how to proceed with the homework and had an active discussion about how Amy Cuddy spoke about how your body language can shape who you are. Then, we looked at the cultural awareness diagram and discussed your reaction to how this awareness develops. 

Then, after studying the Macmillian Publishers Cultural Awareness Worksheets A & B you discussed the readings with these question prompts:

►  Do you think that cultural awareness is an important part of personal growth?

►  What are your own experiences of working or living alongside people from different cultures?

►  How can cultural awareness help us in business / foreign relations / diplomacy / etc. 

Video springboards for discussion: Cultural Diversity Means Creative Diversity -Talent House

UNESCO is investing in creativity to transform societies!

The UN is also helping us through this project too! Not only English vocabulary:). This United Nations project website has 60 levels of English vocabulary to learn and develop. For each correct vocabulary comprehended, Free Rice will donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger, so students can learn new words and also contribute to reducing world hunger at the same time. And the levels of difficulty starting from low to very high, so it is also suitable for teachers. There are also various subjects to choose from, including English Grammar, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and mathmatics. And amusingly, there is a warning on the site that claims this game may make the person smarter!

Homework for Class 06: Please choose TWO readings or a reading and video that are the most interesting to you to view with the closed captions (CC) to read, and then reflect and analyze what you observed and complete the 4-Cs worksheet attached below. The four Cs are concepts, challenges, connections, and changes.

Please email the homework by 07/04/2023 by 4 PM

Note: Please experiment and chose the option you like best. If the option you selected does not work for you, please try another or search for your cultural viewing. If you choose your original homework, please email me.

Then, I can share your fantastic cultural homework with the group. 
If you would like to discuss the same video, please arrange this with your classmate, and watch the same video or do the same reading. That’s okay too, and fun!

Reading Option 1:

Australian Government. (2020). Supporting cultural diversity. Be you.

Reading Option 2:

McClay, R. (2017). Four cornerstones of successful cross-cultural understanding. Training IndustryMind The Gap, 50-51.

Reading Option 3:

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). (2011). Cross-cultural understanding. Background Briefs.

Video Option:

Venture Beat. (2016, Aug. 3). Creativity: What’s diversity got to do with it [Video]? YouTube.

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