Workshop 09: Video Proposal Day One

Summary: Six students successfully presented their proposals. I did not provide student samples other than the instructions because this is a writing class, but on reflection, I will provide presentations examples in the future. If you would like to volunteer to put your presentation on this website, please let me know. We had an excellent presentation day and you have the video recording in your inboxes.

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”

~ Peter Drucker

Stratvert, K. (2020, July 24). How to properly present PowerPoint slides in Zoom [Video]. Youtube.

How to properly present PowerPoint slides in Zoom:

Summary: Guidelines for your Presentation are not included in the document.

1. Your talk should be about 8-10 minutes and then 3-5 minutes for questions, comments, and answers.

2. It is good to practice your presentation several times on ZOOM so you can focus on your content while speaking to the camera. 

Homework other than your presentations:

An option to write a Write & Improve

Five improved essays are due by 05/31/2022. You can choose the essays and the time of writing freely, but write and improve on no more than one essay each week. Please write and resubmit your essays to improve your score by level.

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