ICR Class 01: Review of the Spring semester, Autumn semester requirements, student interests and goal-setting for Cycle 3; introduction to the Learning about Global Issues website

Summary of Class 01: We had an orientation to autumn course explaining the documents below, including what is expected of you and how you can excel with the new research. You learned about the course introduction and requirements, goal-setting, introduction to social, political, and business issues; web-based research and websites; and student-choice of researching the issue you would like to research.

You will be doing research and uploading it to your Google doc. You will not need to read graded readers or listen to the news this term.

APA (for Cycle 3)

Kurokawa, S. (2020, October 20). Residents in northern Hiroshima pref tormented

by low-flying jets. The Mainichi


MLA (for Cycle 4)

Kurokawa, Shinji. “Residents in Northern Hiroshima Pref. Tormented by Low-flying

Jets.” The Mainichi, 20 Oct. 2020,

Homework due uploaded to your Google Drive Shared file by Friday 09/29/2023 at 2 PM.

Note: Please do not research only in the Japanese language and translate because it does not support your English reading skills. Some research related to law and Japan is fine, but explore studying in English with a variety of publications and not one source.

Please upload the pictures of your notes in your Shared Google file under the section “第 1 回 Cycle 3 sharing research notes 1: Basic Information.”

  1. Please, research the SAME research issue using 2 Internet, book, newspaper, or journal articles about a topic you are passionate about discussing. The theme should be Basic Information about an environmental, global, legal, political, or social issue you are very interested in. Then take two pages of notes for each reading or viewing using the keywords on the pages. Remember to write on your notes also the author’s name(s), the date, and page or paragraph numbers next to the notes frequently to find your work and document later. These actions will help you not copy/paste when you are note-taking and summarize in your own words or use quotation marks using the authors’ exciting thoughts, data, and vocabulary. 

2. Typing the APA reference of your research: As best you can, please try to type the American Psychological Association (APA) formatted references typed in the document above your notes for Research Articles #1?. There is an APA quick guide you can download below for you to view.

The details needed are:

Last name, initial. (20??). Title of the article. Publisher. https//:…..

Note-taking Sample on the Internet and Privacy Issues:

Shahbaz, A., & Funk, A. (2020). Freedom on the net 2020. Freedom House


Note-taking Sample on the Connections Between Child Labor and Poverty:

Unicef. (2021, October 9). Child labor. Unicef


And here is are the IRD links and docs for your homework below for your convenience:

Resources for students and teachers in Basic and Improving Research & Discussion

Learning About Global Issues

Note-taking on Age Discrimination

Note-taking on a Right to an Education

ICR Information Sheet

Using Zoom for sharing notes

Instructions for APA

A Very Quick Guide APA 7th

APA 7th Edition Quick Guide

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