ICR Class 07: Cycle 3 reflection and self-evaluation/assessment; student interests and goal- setting for Cycle 4; choice of issue

Summary of Class 08: We had three lovely and informative presentations.

Homework is due on 11/17/2023, by 2 PM. Please upload the pictures of your notes in your Shared Google file under the section “ICR Class 07 Cycle 4 sharing research notes 2: Basic Information/Cases.”

Please, research the SAME research issue using 2 Internet, book, newspaper, or journal articles about a topic you are passionate about discussing. The theme should be on what is the Basic Information and what are the Cases of Your Issues. 

Then take one to two pages of notes for each reading or viewing using the keywords on the pages. Remember to write in your notes and on the Google Doc. the author’s name(s), the date, and page or paragraph numbers if you use direct quotations. These actions will help you not copy/paste when you are note-taking and summarize with your own words or use quotation marks using the authors’ exciting thoughts, data, and vocabulary. 

Again, if you read this, please remember to make notes on where you got your work, including the author’s name, date published, publication, URL, and which section or paragraph number you go your information from in your Google Doc.

It is also helpful to know where you got your information to discuss with your classmates in the breakout rooms and on your presentation day.

Moreover, here is are the IRD links and docs for your homework below for your convenience:

Resources for students and teachers in Basic and Improving Research & Discussion

Learning About Global Issues

Note-taking on Age Discrimination

Note-taking on a Right to an Education

And more search engines:

Carrot 2 Carrot helps you find topics related to your search term. After entering the term you enter and then click on ‘search,’ you can choose to see the results as a list, tree map, or pie chart that helps you visualize your issue and narrow your search at the same time.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ): DOAJ is a community-designed and maintained online journal directory that provides you access to robust, open access, peer-reviewed journals. This search engine is independent, and it is free including being indexed in DOAJ. Please use this engine for topical issues and authors, and you might find research that provides evidential content for your academic essay. DOAJ is an educational outreach search engine that focuses on high-quality applications and submissions.

Google Scholar: Google scholar helps you do a broad or narrow search of articles. It also helps you cite your “references” for APA and “work cited” for MLA! You can also get the quick guides to both systems below.

CORE Research Engine UK: This research search engine claims to be the largest open-access research database in the world giving free access.

And important quick guides for how document your sources through references or works cited. You do not have to be perfect on the system and the focus is more on the content of your research:

A Very Quick Guide APA 7th

APA 7th Edition Quick Guide

MLA 9th Quick Guide

MLA 9th Edition Quick Guide

Useful Phrases to Remember

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