PBL Class 06: Outline and First Draft of the Research Narrative: Students Give Feedback to Each Other

Summary: We focused on making an Academic Blog for our first research cycle. For the first draft of your blog, you will still post your writing in your Google Doc for Class 06 and then also write in your ‘Journaling Notes 6.’ Later after your second draft after I give you feedback we will post in some forum online. It is decided that we will use Blogger.com to share our work, but always add your homework to the usual Goggle Doc file with your Chuo Gmail account. I will post the information on Manaba and teach you how to blog in class. I am sorry that Manaba forums does not seem to upload pictures, so we need a blog forum to upload post to share with other students, but still have privacy to post within our class and not on the world wide web.

Example Academic Blog from an Individual Project on Children’s Rights and Bullying

Some references for your Blog, thanks to Takumi:

Campbell, L. M. (n.d.).What is academic blogging and how can you use it to build your professional profile?

Kima Blog. (2023, March 29). What is a blog post structure? How to create one and the steps involved! It makes writing slick and easy. https://kimablog.org/article-structure/

Taylor & Francis. (n.d.). How to write an academic blog post. Author serviceshttps://authorservices.taylorandfrancis.com/research-impact/how-to-write-an-academic-blog-post/

University of Waterloo. (n.d.). Writing academic blog posts. https://uwaterloo.ca/writing-and-communication-centre/writing-academic-blog-posts

Homework due on May 26th, 2023 by 3 PM, but I am happy earlier because I must check 16 papers before class on Monday:

I will provide more instructions for your first draft here, but you are gathering your notes 1 to 6 in one document. Please try not to include new information. You will use the references and sources that you have documented already. Your draft for Class 06 in the Google Doc is about 4 or 5 pages.

Finally, type your reflections in “Journaling Notes 6” about what you learned in English, so I can support your work and give you feedback in the comment section of this document in our shared Google Drive. The journalling should focus less on your notes and more on the people that you speak with this week.

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