PBL Class 07 & 08: Finalize Your Research Narrative Blogs

Summary: We focused on finalizing your Academic Blog for our first research cycle. By a misunderstanding, most students took notes by hand and uploaded their photos. However, the Academic Blog Draft was supposed to be typed like a blog or online newspaper article. Therefore, in class, instead of speaking in pairs with classmates about your blogs, you started typing! And please add photos and images. Under the photo you would write

So Many Common Mistakes: This is what NOT to do on your Academic Blog!

-You forgot to write the author or organization’s name of where you got your research from.

-There is not title of your academic blog.

-You don’t mention your name.

-You have not images.

-You have images, but you don’t write where the image is from Image Source: ______

-There are not comments about what you found speaking with people around you.

-You’ve deleted my comments and have the original work that is not developing.

-There is no reference page.

-You didn’t set up your account through Blogger.com by finding my invitation.

-There is no data about your issue.

-The writing is very short under 250 words, when you should have at least a four page blog.

-There is not homework at all.

You have asked another student what to do and they tell you absolutely the wrong homework, which is delaying the class. Please ask Stacey if you don’t know something. Your classmate will probably tell you the wrong information, so please ask me.

For the final draft of your blog, you will still post your writing in your Google Doc for Class 07 and then also write in your ‘Journaling Notes 7.’ This is for having your content in your Chuo Drive accounts, so I can assess your grade. Our blog is on Blogger.com

Example Academic Blog from an Individual Project on Children’s Rights and Bullying

Homework due on June 9th, 2023 by 3 PM, but I am happy earlier because I must check 16 papers before class on Monday:

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