PBL_Class 05: Complete the editorial, opinion piece, or call-for-action 

Summary: You get to process your information and consider how your work fits with previous information, so in class we made outlines, and are finishing up our editorial, opinion piece, or a call-for-action. Please gather your outline from your notes in this order:

  1. The Basic Information
  2. A Focus on these Communities or Regions with Your Opinions
  3. Personal Stories and Local/Regional/National Actors with Your Opinions
  4. Your Conversations with Friends, Family, Co-workers, or Acquaintances to Explore Diverse Perspectives and Your Final Remarks

And you voted for how to display their work. Perhaps Padlet will be a nice way to broadcast, so that your other classmates can write you comments. If so, please chose only one photo!

Homework due on Friday, October 27th at 4 PM. Please complete your editorial, opinion piece, or call-for-action, so that your classmates can start giving you feedback.

Students, could you please post thoughtful comments to the other students this week. There will be time to do so in Class 06, but it will be hard to write to 14 other classmates within the 100 minute class.

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