Class 02: Building Creative Confidence

First, we reviewed this video about actions that promote creativity, or for new students who watch for the first time.

 3% Of people can pass this creative test, can you? -Bit Size Psyche

Summary: We continued to view and analyze three creative ideas from the “Bit Size Psyche” video link above, and we looked at multiple perspectives and perceptions to increase creative thought. Then, we watched and discussed ways of building creative confidence. You can review the video whenever you like.

Delightful Things, O. S. (2019, September 16). 10 easy ways to build your creative confidence [Video]. Youtube.

Then, with my assistance, in pairs, you discussed the Sawyer (2012) article, and mainly had active conversations about the ten myths and grains of truth associated with creativity. Finally, I shared a creativity workshop I conducted that includes Sawyer (2012). This PowerPoint slideshow will be uploaded at the end of Class 02 for you to review, but not yet because there are some fun quiz games that I do not want to give the answers to in advance.

 Homework due on Friday on 04/16/2021 at 4 PM, so I can check it, but if you are late still upload your notes before Class 03: 

This is required: Please read and finish taking 2 to 4 (or more) pages of notes in keywords only in Chapter 22 How to Be More Creative that you will receive via attachment through the Saidai Server. Please finish taking notes on the article. It is very useful to note the page and paragraph numbers of where you got the work. If you use Sawyers direct “quotation marks,” please use them. This will help support your midterm paper and final presentation. Samples of notetaking are featured below.

Sawyer, R. (2012). Explaining creativity: The science of human innovation. Oxford University Press.

Please take a photo of your notes and insert the photos in the Class 02 Google document provided to you via email in this ONE document and please include your name and that date. Other students get to see your work and share it. Just doing the work will give you credit for the homework.

  Sawyer (2012) Sample Note Taking of the 1st of 4 pages of Chapter 22:

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