Class 04: Flow & Creativity


We viewed and discussed David Kelly’s Ted talk about fostering creative confidence.

New vocabulary: obscure, improvise, innate, self-efficacy, Professor Bandura at Stanford, opt-out, anesthesiology, stuffed animal (plush toy), IDEO is David Kelly’s Company, the D School is at Stanford University

Kelley, D. (2012, March). How to build your creative confidence [Video]. TED


Homework due on Sunday 10/15/2023 at 4 PM so I can check your work in advance: 

Please read and take about 3 pages of notes on:

Csikszentmihalyi, M. (1997). Finding flow: The psychology of engagement with everyday life. Basic Books.

If you are absent, I will leave the chapter in my office box.

Please your Google Drive upload file to insert your photos in this one document. Please use the same Document that you uploaded your Kelly (2012, March) notes. All the homework notes go in the same document.   

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