Class 08: Observing Creativity, Innovation, & Research

Summary: First, we checked your homework on your Google docs and add page numbers or time stamps for the videos of any quoted material to help you write your paper. I suggested you review your notes and write on the Brown video. We spoke in pairs about how observation leads to creative ideas and innovation, but we didn’t get to view the videos, so we can view them in Class 09.  Then, I gave a preview of the writing assignment, and I answered any questions you had about it.

New vocabulary: Hawthorne Effect, Pavlovian, lupin flower, pigeon, tactic, cynical, discrete

Science Pet. (2014, August 18). Observations and inferences. [Video]. Youtube.

Denver, C. (2009, October 4). Test your observational skills. [Video]. Video.


Homework due on 10/29/2023 at 4 PM: 

Please read and take about four pages of notes in keywords only in Chapter 4 Discovery Skill #3 Observing in:

Dyer, J., Gregersen, H., & Christensen, C. (2011). Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the five

skills of disruptive innovators. Harvard Business School Press.

2. An option to continue your Free Rice Programme. Please get 2,000 correct answers by the end of the term. Please let me know what your registered name is so you can get credit if you have not already. You do not have to complete your correct answers every week, and the homework is at your pace, but just this time.

Free Rice: The World Food Programme of the United Nations!
We can fight climate change, feed hungry children and families for free while learning English too!

3. Your Observation Paper Step by Step (in the Google Doc for Class 08): Please think about this activity after you read chapter four. We can finish this homework in class, but could you think of some ideas that you would like to observe?

a)     Please select an issue that you would like to observe that is COVID19 safe and interesting to you.

b)    Reflect on your own experiences about what you have learned about creativity and observing skills by reviewing your notes and your Note-taking Matrix (NTM), and the samples of former students work that matches with COVID19 safe observations (in your room, home, or safe places outside with physical distancing with your mask and protective gear).

c)    Please answer what would you like to observe in two or three detailed sentences for each question:

1. Who?

2. What?

3. Where?

4. When?

5. Why?

6. How?

Here is one sample of an observation proposal.

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