Class 06: Four Creative Discovery Skills

We discussed flow through all-class and pairwork activities about how “flow” is related to creativity and input discovery skills. Then we reviewed the discovery skills and from the readings in pairs and the whole class as well. You reflected on what skills you are good at and what skills are somewhat new to you. Listening to your observations about yourself was interesting!

Dyer, J., Gregersen, H., & Christensen, C. (2011). Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the five skills of disruptive innovators. Harvard

Business School Press.

Dyer, J., & Gregersen, H. (2012, February 3). The innovators DNA [Video]. Youtube.
Gregersen, H. (2013, August 14). The four behaviours of innovative leaders [Video]. Youtube.

Homework due on Sunday 05/09/2021 at 4 PM: 

  1. This homework is very fun and ongoing as your four-skills logs of self-study of your choice on the English subjects within the Free Rice Programme. During the Golden Week holidays, it will be fun to play the game. To get all 20 points for the quarter. Please get 200 correct answers by the end of the term. Please let me know what your registered name is so you can get credit. You do not have to complete your correct answers every week, and the homework is at your pace, but just this time, I hope you complete some correct answers to a subject that you like during a long Golden Week. Our class code will be given to you in class, so I can see your work.

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Please read and take about four pages of notes in keywords only in Chapter 1 The DNA of Disruptive Innovators and Chapter 4 Discovery Skill #3 Observing in:

Dyer, J., Gregersen, H., & Christensen, C. (2011). Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the five skills of disruptive innovators. Boston: 

    Harvard Business School Press.

The Discovery Skills

Please your Google Drive upload file to insert your photos of your notes in one document. For videos, It is very useful to include the page numbers and paragraphs of the chapters when you use quotations next to the notes, so that you can find your work easily for your creativity observation midterm report.

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