Class_02: Defining Self-Directed Learning

Summary: You worked in pairs to get a greater understanding of self-directed learning based on Gray’s video, reflection questions, and homework.

Gray, P. (2015). Self-directed learning. [Video]. YouTube. URL

Questions for Discussions:

1. What learning fundamentals in Gray’s illustrated talk resonated with you the most, and why?

2. What self-directed learning fundamentals have you experienced in your education in Japan? How was that? 

3. What self-directed learning fundamentals have you NOT experienced in your education in Japan? What do you think is the reason for this?

Homework due on Sunday 06/19/2022- by 4 PM:

1. Complete your three-question reflection in your Google Doc share file:

2. Please read or view two of four references below and take 3 to 4 pages of notes in keywords, and drawings.

Could you please download the MS Word attached document, take a picture of your notes, and insert the photo in the document, then upload your picture homework to your ESP2b Google Doc. ESP2a students, the shared file is the same. When you write direct quotations please note the paragraph number or time-stamp of where you got your work. Thanks! 

Note: The viewings are new and not listed in your Google Docs., but please feel free to choose them. I have no assistant, so I am a professor and her own assistant at the same time, so pretty busy:).


Center for Teaching Excellence. (n.d.). Self-directed learning: A four-step process. The University of Waterloo. URL


Gray, P. (2014). The decline of play [TED Talk Conference]. Youtube. URL


Harrington, A (2012). Rethinking education: Self-directed learning fits the digital age. Wired. URL

Maastricht University. (2020, January 22). Self-directed learning at Maastricht University [Video]. Youtube. URL

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