Session_02: The MLA Academic Essay -Gathering Research

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Summary: We assessed your reasons for taking this class based on your Write & Improve essay. Then, we worked on gathering research and the MLA formatting and the differences from APA. We also carefully considered and followed the activities of Alex Essay Writing Tool, steps 1 -3. This writing tool is sponsored by the Royal Literacy Fund, a charity, and created by Dr. Anna Barker, the speaker in the videos.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

-Anaïs Nin

Alex Essay Writing Tool Step 01 -Before you begin

Alex Essay Writing Tool Step 02 – Your Essay

Alex Essay Writing Tool Step 03 – Brainstorming


Quick Guide to Citing in MLA 9th Edition

MLA 9th Quick Guide


How to Find an Issue to Research

Instructions for Homework Content:

1. Please, research your self-selected Internet, book, newspaper, or journal articles about a topic that you are passionate to write about. Please select general information or a wide reading on the issue.

Then take two to three pages of notes for each article using the keywords on the pages. Remember to write the author’s name(s), the date, and page or paragraph numbers if you use direct quotations.

Try to summarize your work and concentrate on the basic information. Could you include your typed MLA Work Cited details next to your notes including the URL, so I can help you? Please type in your Google Document above your notes for Research Article #1. There are MLA quick guides you can download below for you to view.

Homework due by 4 PM on 12/11/2023 by taking photos of your notes and insert all the photos in your Google Document under the titles Research Article #1 and #2 in your shared Google document. Other students get to see your work and share it.

MLA Works Cited Sample and MLA Note Taking Sample A on Media Manipulation:

Bradshaw, Sarah and Phillip N. Howard. The Global Disinformation

Order 2019 Global Inventory of Organised Social Media Manipulation.

Oxford Internet Institute: University of Oxford, 02 2019,


MLA Note-taking Sample B on Gender Equality:

UNICEF. “Gender Equality.” UNICEF,

Free Database Engines to collect research for your MLA Paper: 

New! Zenbird Media: Topics & Issues: Do you often think about researching issues related to your local community, or Japan in general, but find the data in the Japanese language. Then, Zenbird Media is for you! They make a beautiful website for professors, so we can focus on giving students feedback rather than building websites.

“Japan has its unique set of solutions and problems when it comes to sustainability. Zenbird Media has witnessed how Japan’s ancient knowledge are widely untapped, while persistent problems continue its grip its society and environment. Of course, no country is perfect.”

Carrot 2 Carrot helps you find topics related to your search term. After entering the term you enter and then click on ‘search,’ you can choose to see the results as a list, treemap, or pie chart that helps you visualize your issue and narrow your search at the same time.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ): DOAJ is a community-designed and maintained online journal directory that provides you access to robust, open access, peer-reviewed journals. This search engine is independent, and it is free including being indexed in DOAJ. Please use this engine for topical issues and authors, and you might find research that provides evidential content for your academic essay. DOAJ is an educational outreach search engine that focuses on high-quality applications and submissions.

Google Scholar: Google scholar helps you do a broad or narrow search of articles. It also helps you cite your “references” for APA and “work cited” for MLA!

CORE Research Engine UK: This research search engine claims to be the largest open-access research database in the world giving free access to 1-This website is very informative and easy to understand, where you might find research on your issue from Professor Andy Barfield:

Global Issues Resources Specifically in relation to Chuo University Faculty of Law English courses, this website has been designed by Andy Barfield and his research team for supporting student research from 2014 in the Basic Research and Writing (English ‘C’)  and Introduction to Communication and Research (Listening and Speaking ‘P’ Level). More generally, his team hopes that this website is useful for students and other people in Japan (and in other countries) to develop our knowledge and critical understanding of different global issues. Thank you, Andy!

Yippy gives you lists of related issues to the left. For example, if you search for ‘poverty’, then Yippy can also find information on poverty + children, poverty + hunger, poverty law, extreme poverty, and other related issues.

2. An option to do Write & Improve practice essay:

 Please follow the instructions as best you can following one of the five essays you chose to write this quarter. You can write again and again following the guidance to improve your score. All essays are due on 01/31/2024.

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