Class_03: Why Are We Studying Self-Directed Learning?

Summary: After explaining the homework, the class discussed reading homework given in Class_02, you discussed in groups:

1. What kind of English goal setting do you have for this Quarter?

2. How do you sequence your study activities and homework?

3. How do you break goals in manageable activities to get things done?

4. How do you engage in the learning process?

5. Also talk about the “Three Approaches, Deep, Surface, and Strategic.

New vocabulary: regurgitate, a happy medium, didactic learning, rote memorization

Then, we had a short breakout session in new groups and discussed stress and classes online (or not).

Vocabulary: self-organized learning systems (SOLE), visual and oral learning, 

Homework due before class on 06/22/2022 and uploaded to your Google Doc: 

1. Complete your three-question reflection in your Google Doc share file.

2. Please read and take 2 to 3 pages of notes in keywords on one of these two self-directed learning videos.

Mitra, S. (2010, July). The child-driven education. [Video]. TED Conference.


The Child-Driven Education ~Sugara Mitra of New Castle University


McDonald, K. (2019, September 19). Self-directed learning: How ‘unschoolers’ control their education [Video]. Big Think.

Kerry McDonald: She is Peter Gray’s colleague!

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