Class_04: Growth-Mindsets vs. Fixed-Mindsets

Summary: You spoke in pairs about Professor Mitra’s or Professor McDonald’s video that you read and took notes about self-directed learning. We primarily discussed rethinking education in the digital age article. 

Here is his awarded TED Talk:

Mitra, S. (2010, July). The child-driven education. [Video]. Ted Conferences. 

McDonald, K. (2019, September 19). Self-directed learning: How ‘unschoolers’ control their education [Video]. Big Think.

1. What was interesting about Mitra’s TED Talk?

2. What was interesting about McDonald’s concept about unschoolers, robots, and creativity?

3. Was there anything that was not clear in either video? If so, what was that? Or what were they?

An Introduction to Growth Mindsets:

Spencer, J. (2017, March 27). Growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset. [Video]. YouTube.

Homework due before Class_05 on 06/27/2022 in your Google Doc: 

1. Complete your three-question reflection in your Google Doc share file.

2. Please read and take 2 to 3 pages of notes in keywords, summaries, and quotation marks as needed:

 Dweck, C. S. (2010). Mind-sets. Principal Leadership10(5), 26-29.

3. Please research your top self-directed learning problem of the 15 tips, and take notes on only the advice that you think will be good for you. I suggest five of the most important ones to you: 

Cobb, J. (2013, October 8). 15 ways of the successful self-directed learner. Mission to


PS: If you want to read ahead for future homework, here are the links below:

Alternatives to School. (2017). Benefits of self-directed learning. Alternatives to school.
Association for Psychological Science. (2012, October 4). What makes self-directed learning effective? ScienceDaily

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