Session_11: Final Draft & IELTS Preparation Workshop 1

Summary: We worked on your third draft in preparation for the final MLA draft and focused on the IELTS Listening and Reading part of the test. The final MLA paper will be rather short, so I am also giving IELTS homework too below.

Homework due via email (Sending earlier than the deadline is great for quick feedback to you!):

Do WAVE for your essay before emailing your final MLA draft!

W = Put your paper through MLA Essay Write & Improve

A = MLA Style -Owl Purdue

V = Veritus Certify! Check against Plagiarism -Leander Hughes

E = Check all Explanations attachments, download “Instructions-for-MLA-Writing_AEW1,” and type your paper directly in the document. Once finished your draft, please email it to me.

Explanations” Attachments:



Quick Guide to Citing in MLA 9th Edition

MLA 9th Quick Guide

Due via email 01/23/2024 before class.

1. Please download the ‘MLA and Works Cited’ MS Word document attached below and type directly in the paper.

2. If you are referring to your readings and it is not your original idea, please do an in-text citation of the author’s last name and page or paragraph number like this (Suzuki 22) or (Tanaka par. 3) at the end of the sentence before the period. 

New! No more than four direct quotations in your paper. 

3. Please make surethat your name, draft number, AEW course name, date, and title are in the attachment file  like this: 

‘Your Name’_AEW1_Final Draft

6. Please do 5 Write & Improve Essays by 01/31/2024 at 4 PM. Also, please try to improve your score.

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