Session_06: The MLA Academic Essay -Synthesizing Research

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Summary: First, you shared your research. Then, we discussed making useful research questions and categorizing notes for your upcoming essay. Then, I shared the synthesizing of your notes.

Afterward, you learned about strategies to synthesize your notes by finalizing your structure map as a template as an outline for your upcoming MLA formatted paper.Finally, you shared your research and gave feedback, and your pair asked questions and useful comments.

Alex Essay Writing Tool Step 09 – Write, repeat

“Research is something that everyone can do, and everyone ought to do. It is simply collecting information and thinking systematically about it.”

-Raewyn Connell
Synthesized Notes for MLA

Documents and Links:

Quick Guide to Citing in MLA 9th Edition

MLA 9th Quick Guide


Synthesizing-Your-Issue-on-4-A4-Papers Download

Homework due 07/03/2023 uploaded to the Google Doc by 7PM:

1. Please write your four or five questions related to your topic that you are researching and categorizing your notes on six articles on three pages in your Google Doc. as shown in the sample images and the downloadable “Synthesizing Your Issue on 4 A4 Papers” PowerPoint below.

2. Then, use your research questions to categorize your notes into four or five sections in three pages of notes. The research questions become your paragraph topic thesis statements in your paper. Each section should have at least two citations and note the paragraph numbers and pages, especially your quoted material, so you can remember where you got the information from to make the paper easier to write with the necessary in-text citations. Please take photos and place them in your Google Document under the Synthesized Notes section.

For each section remember Alex Writing Tools concept of IDEA (Identify, Define, Examine, and Analyze) for each of the sections to give balance to each part of your paper.

2. Please include your Works Cited in the document MLA style on the fourth page and insert the corrected clean copy of your Works Cited in alphabetical order in your Google Document at the end of your Synthesized Notes section. Please provide the details of the author’s name, date published, the title, pages (if needed), and the publisher (or organization). We have already formatted many of your Works Cited citations, so refer to the edited format provided and use that content.

Note: Your Works Cited section should be in alphabetical order based on the author’s last name or the organization if there is no author.

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