Class 01 Orientation & the L2 Motivational Self System

Summary: We had an orientation about how to be successful and get the most out of this course to support your university studies and learning. To understand more about self-directed learning, we viewed and studied the ‘Learning Motivation Animation video:

BYU Center for Teaching and Learning. (2014, Feb. 1). Learning motivation animation [Video]. Youtube.

How will your grade be calculated? 

Homework (30%)

Free Rice (10% Content, 10% Online Class Participation),

Midterm L2 Motivation Paper (20%),

L2 Motivation Final Presentation based on the paper (20%)   

Class Participation (10%)

Class Documents

ESP1a L2 Motivational Self System Syllabus


Homework due before class Class 02 on Sunday at 4:30 PM (earlier is gladly accepted): 

1. Please email me with a) a greeting, b) why are are taking this class, and c) what English classes you have taken at Saitama University. Then, I will reply and send you a link to your Google Doc Homework upload file.

Please make sure to use the “cc” icon in the lower right corner of the video. Pause the video as needed to do the note-taking work for you.

If you write some sentences word for word, use quotation marks and write the time spoken in the video like (Irie & O’Neil, 2015, 01:19).

Sample Note-taking on the Homework:

Irie, K. & O’Neil, T. (2015).  Motivation in language learning with Professor Kay Irie, 

Gakushuin University, Tokyo [Video]. Youtube.

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