Class_07: Individual SDL Research

: We discussed the alphabet of self-talk and growth mind sets from class 06, and you began to think about your topic for your self-directed learning report. The key is to write about something interesting to you!

Attachment: Self-directed Learning References

Homework due before class on 07/06/2022 (revised to submit before class 09 on 07/11/2022):

1. You need time to work on the start of your paper slowly by researching two articles or video of your choice that matches your interest in your learning focus for your paper. It could be grit, growth mindsets, lifelong learning, computer-assisted learning, or something else related to learning. Can you please upload pictures of your notes in the Google Document for Class 07?

Here is the search engine Carrot for self-directed learning. You can read other articles for your paper and presentation. This means you do not have to read the articles in homework instructions ‘2.’

Here are some excellent self-directed learning midterm reports and their corresponding final presentations to help you think about what aspect of self-directed learning you would like to write and present.

Example A:

Life-Long Learning & Growth Mindsets Midterm Paper

Life-Long Learning & Growth Mindsets Final Presentation

Example B:

COVID-19 & Self=Directed Learning Midterm Paper

COVID-19 & Self-Directed Learning Final Presentation

2. Complete your three-question reflection in your Google Doc share file.

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