Class 02 Definitions of the L2 Self System

Summary: We discussed the L2 Motivational Self System theory and the reading from Session 1, and we had the Poster session below:

Homework due on Tuesday 04/18/2023 at 4 PM:

Please take notes by hand on Dr. Irie’s video interview. Then, take photos of your notes and incert them in your Google Doc for Class 02. Make sure to use the “cc” icon in the lower right corner of the video. Pause the video as needed to do the note-taking work for you. If you write some sentences word for word, use quotation marks and write the time spoken in the video like (Irie & O’Neil, 2015, 01:19).

Irie, K. & O’Neil, T. (2015).  Motivation in language learning with Professor Kay Irie, 

Gakushuin University, Tokyo [Video]. Youtube.

2. Your Free Rice Learning Program

Please make an account to our ESP1a English Motivation 2023 with our class code if you have not already. Several students and myself are playing already. You can make an avatar name if you wish, but please let me know your game name. For your English motivation, you can choose any of the English categories and study as you like. Your goal is to get 2,000 correct answers before the last class at your pace, but do practice sometime every week. This is 20% of the class grade, but you can chose the subjects you wish and feed children around the world in hunger for free sponsored by the United Nations and the World Food Programme:

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