Class 02 Definitions of the L2 Self System

Summary:  Our class discussed Dr. Irie’s five year study on university students’ Motivation in Japan. Where you able to identify with some of the students’ stories. Then, we focused on imagining yourself in future as a confident and successful English speaker. It’s what you you would like to become your possible ideal self. Today’s homework video will further explain this vision of your future success.

Irie, K. & O’Neil, T. (2015).  Motivation in language learning with Professor Kay Irie, Gakushuin University, Tokyo. [Video]. YouTube.

Then we discussed the L2 Motivational Self System theory and the reading from Session 1, and we had the Poster session below:

Homework due on 10/09/2022 at 5 PM, but earlier is fine:

Please read and take notes on this article for about 2-3 pages in the link below. Please take two photos and put them in the Google share file and document I shared with you via email. I will explain this in class:

Vye, S. (2016). Art and the motivational L2 self system in a university course. Learning Learning, 23(2), 2-7.

Note-taking is an excellent skill to use while studying or in your daily life. There is no one correct way to take notes, but it is helpful not to write long sentences and write the main idea in phrases and images. Here are some note-taking samples:

Note Taking Sample 1

Note Taking Sample 2:

2. Your Free Rice Learning Program

Please make an account to our ESP1a English Motivation 2022 with our class code I provided in the Zoom chat if you have not already. Several students and myself are playing already. You can make an avatar name if you wish, but please let me know your game name. For your English motivation, you can choose any of the English categories and study as you like. Your goal is to get 2,000 correct answers before the last class on 11/16/2021 at your pace, but do practice sometime every week. This is 20% of the class grade, but you can chose the subjects you wish and feed children around the world in hunger for free sponsored by the United Nations and the World Food Programme.

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