Class 03 L2 Motivation & Language Learning Experience

Summary: After discussing the ‘Art’ article, You spoke about your English past.

For the “Art” article questions:

  1. How was your English language learning experience compared to Maria, Fumi, Machio, or Sachi? Similar, different? Why or why not?
  2. What do you think about drawings? Some students feel comfortable drawing and some do not. How about you?
  3. How were the Art students similar or different from Professor Irie’s narrative study students?

English Past (Language Learning Experience and Ought-to Self):

  1. When did you start learning English? Please discuss what you remember about this experience? About how old were you?
  2. How did you study English in junior and senior high school? How were your English classes?
  3. Pretend I was a student at one of your classes in secondary school. Please take me to the class and describe what would I see.
  4. What English studies did you feel that you had to do, but did not want to do?
  5. Describe a positive(s) or negative experience(s) you have had learning English in the classroom. What did you learn from the experience?
  6. What was the best or worst English class you have ever had? Why?
  7. How about studying abroad? If so, how was it?  
  8. Have you used English while being abroad? In Japan? If so, how was that? Please explain.
  9. What opportunities have you had to use English outside the classroom?

Homework due on Tuesday at 4 PM on Sunday:

  1. Please take two or more pages of notes on Zoltan Dornyei’s talk about motivating students and teachers through imagination and vision to support your language learning goals.

Dornyei, Z. (2016, December 02). Motivating learners and teachers through vision [Video]. Youtube: Cambridge University Press.

Note-Taking Sample of Dornyei’s Video:

2. Your Free Rice Learning Program

Please make an account to our ESP1a English Motivation 2023 with our class code I provided in the Zoom chat. You can make a class name as you wish, but please let me know your game name. For your English motivation, you can choose any of the English categories and study as you wish. Your goal is to get 2,000 correct answers before Class 15 at your pace, but do practice sometime every week. This is 20% of the class grade, but you can chose the subjects you wish and feed children around the world in hunger for free sponsored by the United Nations and the World Food Programme.

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