Class 14 Presentation Workshop

Summary: The student(s) worked hard by rehearsing their presentation with the projector to work on timing and areas to improve the presentation.

ESP1a Final Draft Paper A

ESP1a Final Presentation A

ESP1a Final Paper B

ESP1a Final Presentation B

Stratvert, K. (2020, July 24). How to properly present PowerPoint slides in Zoom [Video].


Presentation Information not in the guidelines:

1. Each presentation should be about eight minutes and two minutes for question and comment time. 

2. There are usually 14 to 16 slides in your PowerPoint slide show. 

3. Each image you use should mention what website (not the URL, but the name) you got your content to give credit. 

4. Your reference page is single-spaced with APA formatting. 

5. Please include in-text citations such as parenthetical citations (Miller, 2021, par. 3). You can also do narrative in-text citations like Miller (2021) suggested that…

6. Here are two free websites where you can download free and beautiful images and pictures:


Creative Commons

Homework due by email on Friday by 4 PM:

1. Please prepare for your slideshow presentation on June 5th. The guidelines that you also received in class for assessment are attached at the bottom of this web page :). As best you can, design your slides for PowerPoint, based on the feedback from your paper. Make sure that you have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. This should be your final draft of your slideshow with all of the images and content.

2. Please remember your Freerice homework! 2,000 by Class 15

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