Class 08 -Global Citizenship & Midterm Report


GCED Online Campus. 2019, May 19). What is global citizenship education [Video].


Evans, H. (2016). What does it mean to be a citizen of the world [Video]? YouTube.


Student A ESP1b 4Cs Synthesized Notes

Student B ESP1b 4Cs Synthesized Notes

Student C ESP1b 4Cs Synthesized Notes

Homework due on Sunday, 07/09/2023 at 4 PM: 

1. Please write four questions related to intercultural (cross-cultural) based on your 4Cs homework (concepts, challenges, connections, changes): Please use your homework notes and type/copy paste in this document by putting together ideas from your 4Cs homework for your midterm paper. Please use this form because the APA references are included for you. 

Please keep the references for the readings and viewings in the document APA style on the third page. Delete the articles you are not using. 

2. You are not researching new articles, but you have read and taken notes on already categorizing the readings and viewings. If it is confusing, look at student A, B, and C 4Cs Synthesized notes attached to Class 08. Find all of your best writing and include it in the homework.

3. It is essential to use the author’s or speaker’s name and date where you got your ideas from. If you use direct quotations, please also write the time it was said in the video or the page and paragraph number in the reading.

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