Class -14 Presentation Workshop

Summary: Today we will finish speaking about this course continued from that class. Then, there was time for you to create and collect images for your upcoming presentation.

1. Please prepare for your slideshow presentation on 07/31/2023. The guideline for assessment are attached below. As best you can, design a draft of your slides in PowerPoint, based on the feedback from your paper. If you have not finished your presentation, please send it by Friday 07/27/2023 around 4 PM.

2. Make sure that you have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. If you have time, continue to make your slideshow draft on your computer, and we can work on it in class. You are trying to get all of your slideshow’s content, but you do not need to have all of your images at design finished. It is best to do as much as you can. 

3. The presentation is about 8-10 minutes and 3-5 minutes of questions and answers, and the slides should be around 16 to 22 depending on how many images you would like to share

4. Useful image links that can be shared for educational purposes, if their company name is on your slide (just the name and not the URL website link):


Creative Commons


Student A, B, and C Presentation Samples: The samples as the final papers

Student A

Student B

Student C

Attachment for the Presentation:


Presentation Phrasebook

5. Finally, 2,000 points on FreeRice!!

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