Workshop 11: APA Formatting -The Third Draft


Do WAVE for your essay before emailing your draft!

W = Put your paper through Draft APA Essay Write & Improve

A = APA Style -Owl Purdue

V = Veritus Certify! Check against Plagiarism -Leander Hughes

E = Check all Explanations attachments below for draft one and email it to me.

Explanations” Attachments:

APA 7th Student Paper Online Writing Lab OWL Purdue



AEW2_Final Draft_Sample_Same as Workshop 05 Synthesized Notes



Homework due via email (Sending earlier than the deadline is great for quicker feedback to you!):

Due via email on 11/06/2023 at 7 PM.

1. Please remember to follow:

   A). The formatting guidelines are provided by the quick APA Style guidelines attached.

   B). the organization of an essay with topic sentences that support each paragraph based on what you learned in class with in-text citations.

C). When you send your paper, please send a clean paper and accepting all track changes. Please delete my comments because I have a copy.

2. Your paper needs to be typed with double-spaced lines, and at least 1,200 words now, but no more than 1,500 words, so please use the word count tool in Microsoft Word and type the word count number at the end of your paper before the Sources Cited section like this:

Word Count: 1,356 

3. Please make sure that your name, draft number, AEW course name, date, and title are in the attachment file  like this: 

‘Your Name’_AEW2_Final_Draft_

4. Do a Write & Improve practice essay:

Five improved essays are due by 11/20/2023. If you have not written many essays, please start from now one. The reason is that the presentation of your paper is lighter homework since you have already written your paper, so please write your essays and improve them.

You can get feedback and editing to improve your writing as much as you like and please improve the essay by rewriting it. Our goal for this class is the B2 level. However, if you get a C1, why not challenge to try to get a C2? Could you please do at least one entry on the essay topic you would like to write about in detail? Here is the convenient link:

Write & Improve

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